Green Acres Golf Club members enjoy exclusive access to one of Melbourne’s most picturesque and challenging golf courses, as well as premier clubhouse facilities and services, all just minutes from Melbourne's CBD.

Trial rounds and a tour of the facility are available to potential members by appointment, please contact our Operations Manager via the online enquiry form to discuss your interest in membership at Green Acres.


Membership Categories

Membership is currently available in the following categories:

7 Day Membership

7 Day Members may play every day, except for men on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during women’s competition times. 

6 Day Membership

6 Day Members may play on Sundays and weekdays with the exception for men on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during women’s competition times.

Intermediate Membership (Age 25 - 39)

Intermediate Members may play every day, except for men on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during women’s competition times. 

Restricted Membership

Using a points-based system, Restricted Members are entitled to a maximum of 30 rounds of golf for the financial year.

Starting with a 420 points allocation, the point balance is decremented 70 points (18 holes) or 35 points (9 holes) until points are exhausted. Points packs can then be purchased from the Club to top-up points balances up to a maximum of 24 extra games in the financial year. 

70 Points Pack = $70

140 Points Pack = $140

280 Points Pack = $280

Restricted members are permitted to play on any day except Saturday or during the Tuesday women’s competition.

Social or Neighbourhood Memberships

Social or Neighbourhood Members have full rights to the Clubhouse facilities only.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is now available. Please click on "Corporate Membership" above for further information. 

Temporary Membership

Temporary Members may play every day, except for men on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during women’s competition times. This category is only available to people who normally reside outside of Victoria or overseas and are only staying in Melbourne for a short period of time. No entrance fee is payable with this category.

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Membership Benefits


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